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Opportunities All-Around

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

"Use this opportunity to draw someone in your life closer to God..."

This last week has been filled with circumstances that seem more fitting for a 2020 summer Blockbuster than the reality in which we’re currently living. Society has been thrown off-kilter, therefore I recommend visiting the scripture to feed your spirit and resolidify your faith.

The Lord has been speaking to me through the scripture all week. Just like many of you, I’ve parked in Psalm 91 a few times. I’ve meditated on Matthew 8:17. I firmly believe in divine protection, deliverance, and preservation of health. However, the Lord God has been drawing my heart more to scriptures such as Matthew 24 and John 16:1-4. He is reminding me and leading me to remind others that everything we are experiencing has already been foretold to us. We should not be surprised, confused or scared. Don’t be scurred! I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.

I’ve been praying for an awakening to happen in Birmingham and in America. By my estimation, God’s people needed a stir to remind us of our divine identity and how vital it is that we are actively walking in it. I do not believe the Lord sent Covid-19, but I do believe He uses unfortunate circumstances as a pivot point to reveal His glory (Romans 8:28). The light of His glory shines like the light of the sun on a summer morning, beaming through your eyelids waking and reminding you that the day is filled with opportunity. The spread of the coronavirus has given us great opportunities.

4 opportunities I believe the Lord has presented to us.

Draw closer to God.

Many of us needed a hard reset. During this time, life has slowed down enough for you to reevaluate the way you've been living. If necessary, repent and then prioritize God as #1 in your life. Refresh in the Word, pray, ask God for vision and a customized strategy to keep your days from drifting away from Him and back into the busyness of life. Lastly, set apart time to pray for others, especially during this time.

Connect with and enjoy your family.

Don’t just catch up on Netflix movies, but take some time to connect with your friends and family in a meaningful way. This self-quarantine gives us an open door to catch up on things and with the people that matter most. Sit down together and eat a meal together, especially if that is not common in your home. Play a few board games. Do some spring cleaning. And, yes, a self-quarantine inspired Tiktok video is not a bad idea.

Lead someone to Jesus Christ

Life is always delicate but during moments like these, we all are reminded how fragile it can be. Use this opportunity to draw someone in your life closer to God by gracefully inviting them to read, watch a bible-based video, do a Bible study or pray with you. Listen to them and their heart before sharing.

Be somebody’s answered prayer.

Make a donation to a reputable organization. Additionally, you can consider, while keeping yourself safe, delivering food and other needed supplies to the elderly and less fortunate at their homes. SFN and C3 are partnering with Christian Mission Service. We are donating food and helping deliver care packages to those that need them most. If you are interested contact Lakendra Grimes at or call her at 205-722-6012.

We will only have an online service for the next two Sundays. You can receive an anointed and on-time word by joining us at @ 10:30am. We hope you decided to join us

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