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Computer Coding Program
For Young Men

Computer coding is an important skill in today's world. It is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to improve their career prospects or build their own business. SimpleFolk Network is sponsoring cohorts of 12-16 young adult men, ages 18-35, to complete a 14-week introductory computer coding course. The University of Michigan teaches this course virtually, while Code Masters provides weekly in-person classes for academic and mentor support. All students will be issued a certification upon completion. Computer coding is an in-demand skill, and this program will give participants the opportunity to learn the basics of web development and coding. This course is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in learning more about coding and web development. SimpleFolk Network is a Christian Missions Network, so all participants should be comfortable with advice and encouragement from a biblical perspective. This program provides an excellent opportunity for young men to learn a new skill that can benefit them throughout their lives. 

Please click the appropriate button to donate, sponsor young men or apply for the program.


 Inner-City Men Succeed 

100% Sponsored

Simplefolk Network has created an incredible opportunity for young men; they will be able to join a program with very little financial burden. Tuition, instructional sessions and weekly class facilities are graciously funded by our generous sponsors.

Live Instructors

With Code Masters, learners are offered a unique one-on-one experience with an experienced professional who is ready to provide assistance, guidance and support as they work through their online courses.

Mentorship and Support

Education encompasses far more than simply the imparting of knowledge and skills; it is equally essential to guide individuals in applying life lessons and values. Code Masters provides mentorship grounded in biblical principles, both throughout the program as well as afterwards.


Get Connected To Code Masters

Interest in our program is rising. We are now providing additional information to those who have requested it. A team member will be contacting applicants and supporters directly with tailored phone or email messages.

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