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Caped Crusaders

It seems like Americans can’t get enough of Superheroes. Superhero movies are some of the best-selling movies around and now we have even included a whole array of less expensive and less impressive versions of our favorites to watch on television. Shout out to Flash and Supergirl! Personally, I think Marvel Comics has the “comic-book-comes-to-life” industry on lockdown; however, Batman does seem to be a bit like that one guy on the other team that refuses to give up no matter how many points they are down on the scoreboard. Somehow, in the midst of his team’s (DC Comics) certain defeat, he still gets the crowd to rally behind his sheer passion and will to win.

What is it about The Bat that causes people to love this character so much? His movies and tv shows have been among the largest successes for over seventy years. On paper, there is not much that seems particularly interesting about him, other than him being a millionaire. Besides that he is a grown man that never recovered from PTSD who runs around in a skin tight suit disguising his voice while simultaneously conducting test trials on his new gadgets; which ironically, he is forced to utilize in order to balance the playing field because technically he has no real superpowers.

With all the things that are so unimpressive about Batman, I believe what draws us to him the most are his dark secrets. We are lured by his special skill to carry out all of his true identity’s desires in the dark while keeping it under the cover of disguise and darkness. I think people can relate to this concept, especially in today’s world, when our hearts are fueled so heavily by a culture that harbors inflamed and dark desires.

During our leisure time we are encouraged to live with little inhabitation; our sexuality has no limits and intoxicated behavior is excusable as long as it “doesn’t hurt others”- but, it almost always does. Violence? Can entertainment be any other way? We’re not satisfied until we see an innocent family being hacked to pieces. Deception? Lie until your heart's content, but just don’t get caught doing it. Gossip? Or let’s just say talking about people in ways that we would not enjoy being talked about, is just a part of entertainment and being a true blooded American. Or should I say, Kardashian? Is there a difference anymore? All this stuff and more is just a part of normal day-to-day life in our society. In fact, you are an oddball if you don’t participate.

Realistically, we are deceiving ourselves if we think our private lives can be free of moral boundaries while somehow still have the ability to run a society that leans on trust, predictability, and integrity. For example, one the most disgusting things we can think of is a 40-year-old school teacher attempting to seduce one of his 15-year-old high school students. Some might even be so enraged by the idea that they say “he deserves to be shot and killed”- but hold on, not so quick. Although, you may not approve of how he is expressing his sexuality, you likely have been supporting the broken philosophy that we should not set boundaries to our sexuality as our attempts to do so are oppressive. Well, guess what, you have not only given permission to the promiscuous women that refuses to be “slut shamed”, but you also gave ammunition to the pedophile that just so happens to double as your child’s teacher.

Here are two scriptures I’d like to present in this discussion, Proverbs 21:2 and Matthew 15:18-19. Starting with Proverbs, which reads, “People think that whatever they do is right, but the Lord judges the reasons for everything they do.” And Matthew states,“For out of the heart come evil thoughts, (murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, slander). These are what defile a person. But to eat with unwashed hands does not defile anyone.”

You see, just like Batman is unable to resist to the underlying drive and desires of Bruce Wayne, so is Officer Johnson unable to suppress the violence that his heart gets filled with when he and his buddies get sloppy drunk at the bar and engage in conversations filled with explicitness and vulgarities; however, we actually expect for his heart to be altered and integrity to arise from thin air just because he puts on a uniform. It does not work that way. Integrity, values, and morality must be intentionally and regularly practiced if they are going to be present during high-pressure moments. They are not light switches that can be turned on and off on the drop of the dime.

Our society is sending the message more and more that life should be treated as “to each his own”, as if there is no such thing as collective responsibility.

When you say that to the world, you are also saying it to the politicians that you expect to write and support laws that are moral, just, and benefit the people. Not in the interest of that politician.

You are also saying it to the male gynecologist that sees women in their most vulnerable state and is depended upon to be moral, trustworthy, and have integrity -not a pervert.

You are saying it to the married couple that both expect to be in a monogamous relationship, however, neither can say they have never felt an attraction to someone outside of their relationship.

The whole, “Do What Thou Wilt” philosophy (which by the way are the words of an infamous Satanist), is broken and will lead to a society that is broken because people by nature must be able to trust one another, and therefore, be accountable to one another.

If we continually reject this notion, you can be sure that the rate of teachers molesting students will rise, police killing innocent men and women will increase, and physicians violating their patients will soar because no matter how snazzy the suit might be, Bruce Wayne with all of his dark impulses is still the man under the mask.

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