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Bodak Them Babies

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

It is much more likely that someone following her footsteps will never make it off the stripper pole. - Damon Davis

Everybody is a boss nowadays, even people who were just hired for an entry-level position last week. Not to say there is anything wrong with entry-level jobs. They are far better than the alternative, unemployment. But if I hire a guy, I don't want to be surprised when walking into the lunchroom to hear him on the phone telling folks he's the BOSS. To me, that sounds like a perfect prompt to have our first sit down.

This year there has probably been no declaration of “Bosshood” that rang louder than Cardi B's. Some may argue Trump's threat to rain down fire and fury on North Korea or Lavar Ball's gif of a slam dunk on Trump are challengers to the Boss Award in 2017, but we'll leave that up to the judges. In fact, let's leave it to The Judge. Wink! Wink!😉 (yes, I used an emoji). Even still, Cardi has a strong argument. After all, not many people can say they inspired a subway full of New Yorkers to break out into song spontaneously. That has to be worth a few bonus points, right?

Before we settle the decision, let's solicit the advice of some real genuine "bosses," also known as people that actually lead businesses and organizations. #ownabusiness #manageadepartment #hasthepowertosignchecks Because if you are a boss, you likely have been in the position to hire another. Which means you looked for someone with low grind, limited vision, and major attitude. Nope! That is exactly the person you are praying and working hard not to promote. Because who you affirm as a "boss" will be the person your other employees will model. So make your decision wisely. You'll be forced to live with it.

Proverbs is a book of the Bible that makes the latest bestselling self-help book sound like Dr. Seuss. In chapter 24 verses 1-3 it gives us some timeless advice cautioning us not to dub people as bosses too quickly and then choosing to follow them. It says, “Don’t envy bad people; don’t even want to be around them. All they think about is causing a disturbance; all they talk about is making trouble. It takes wisdom to build a house, and understanding to set it on a firm foundation;”.

Some of us will never lead employees, but more than likely we will lead a family. In all likelihood, either you are now or will become the boss of a child or two. So we must ask ourselves, who are the other bosses we are hiring (affirming) in front of our children? And do we really want our children to imitate their behavior? Some may say, "Yeah, I want my daughter to be just like Cardi B. Cardi is goals!" To that person I would remind, Cardi didn't wake up the person she is today. She had to go through some harsh life lessons that a vast majority of women never make it through. It is much more likely that someone following her footsteps will never make it off the stripper pole. It's much more likely that she'll “take a hit in the trap” than make a ”Trap hit.” Most that go that route will find a pimp long before they find a platform, if ever at all.

Before you bodak your babies remember the blessing, honor, and responsibility God has given you to help frame their lives. Frame it well (Proverbs 22:16).

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Author: Damon Davis

Damon is the pastor of SimpleFolk Network, an urban mission network

stationed in Birmingham, AL. Damon is driven to reach the inner city,

especially young adults, to help them become consistent and knowledgeable followers of Jesus.

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